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Immune System 2 (HB 21) 60 Units

Immune System 2 PPMAC Blend Capsules offers immune system support, preventative to cancers and other serious illnesses. The five herbs included in our formulation are Papaya leaf, Plu Kow flower, Mangosteen rind, Amalaki fruit, Cordyceps (P.P.M.A.C.). Each of these ingredients functions in synergy with the others to produce an overall…

Immune System 1 Blend (250g)

Supports the body’s immune system to fight against disease. This herbal blend was created to support the body’s immune system and ability to attack and destroy invader cells including, viruses, bacteria and tumours. It is an immune system booster that provides a healthy alternative to the negative effects of synthetic…

Mangosteen Organic 60 Units

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This Mangosteen Powder has been Dynamically Freeze Dried from wild harvested fruit , it has not been subjected to any heat during the drying process or any means of mechanical grinding .The product carries a full Thai FDA approval and is produced here in Thailand to a very high Export…

Jiaogulan Organic 60 Units

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The pristine hills of northern Thailand are the perfect environment for growing our organic Jiaogulan, without pesticide or chemical fertilisers. Jiaogulan is known as the “herb of Immortality”, and is one of our adaptogenic super herbs. High in anti-oxidants and over 80 Saponins identified (assist with bodily systems and the…

Cordyceps 60 Units

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Known as the “King of Rejuvenation” Cordyceps are pure, organically harvested, freeze dried medicinal mushrooms (fungus) used for an amazing range of health benefits and to combat serious illness. The Thai Freeze Dry process uses a highly superior solid-substrate method which takes 45 days. All the bio-active compounds are captured and preserved….

Body Balance 70 Units

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BODY BALANCE Each of the Thai herbs in our Body Balance Program are incredible by themselves and have delivered the results attributed to them consistently over centuries of traditional use. They have stood the test of time and each herb individually has been validated by modern science and has been…

Black Rice Protein Powder Organic 250 grams

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Organic Sprouted Black rice is rich in anthocyanin antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. This is a nutrient dense food packed with goodness, and vital bioactive ingredients.  It was known as the Emperor’s rice (reserved for Royalty!!) and well known in ancient medicine for its broad range of extraordinary health benefits. Black…


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Moringa is well known in ancient medicine, particularly throughout Asia with most parts of the tree loaded with nutrients and vital biological compounds needed for good health.  Our bodies are remarkable really, given exercise and the right nutrition, it can overcome many illnesses. Moringa is known to give a natural explosion of…

Noni 60 Units

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Also known as “Indian Mulberry” used in ancient and traditional folk medicine to combat stress related disorders such as regulation of blood sugar levels, constipation, circulation, blood pressure, inflammation, cancer, ulcers, indigestion, immune system deficiencies chronic fatigue and asthma. Noni has been linked to assisting with Immune support and protecting…

Amalaki Powder 60 Units

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Amalaki is known as “THE GREAT REJUVINATOR” . Amalaki is an amazing Adaptogenic, loaded with precious gems of botanical healing and health. Ancient ayurvdic and other medicial history is filled with well founded claims of its healing abilities. There is now an abundance of scientific research and clinical studies taking…