Immune System 1 Blend (250g)

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Immune System 1 Blend (250g)

Supports the body’s immune system to fight against disease.

This herbal blend was created to support the body’s immune system and ability to attack and destroy invader cells including, viruses, bacteria and tumours. It is an immune system booster that provides a healthy alternative to the negative effects of synthetic drug overuse. Rather than lose your natural immunity, choose to boost your immunity using nature’s support.

Recommended Dose – Take 10g per day for 7 to 10 days initially to boost the Immune System (1 full teaspoon is approx. 5g)

As daily immune system maintenance take 5g to 10g per day.

If low on Energy, have cold or flu or other illness take 10g to 15g per day.

Making a smoothie is a pleasant way to consume the mix. Otherwise mix with water or your favourite drink. Please do not add to a liquid temperature above 38deg C as this will reduce the effectiveness of the herbs.

Each Bottle Contains 250 g.


  • Sprouted Black Rice
  • Noni
  • Amalaki
  • Plu Kow

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