Cacao Butter – The Superfood for You and Your Skin

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Cacao Butter – The Superfood for You and Your Skin

Healthy Fat

This 100% vegan fat is a great addition for those who are on a plant-based diet or who are trying to get more healthy, saturated fats in their diet. It’s full of fatty acids like oleic acid, palmitic acid, and stearic acid that are antioxidants that fight free radicals. These antioxidants also ensure a long shelf life.

Makes Us Happy

It boosts neurotransmitters and balances hormones. When you are going through a stage of PMS, your dopamine and serotonin levels will drop. Your body doesn’t like this and knows when to call for help. That’s why you crave chocolate. A nice cacao butter massage is another way to release that feel good hormone serotonin. Cacao is one of those amazing superfoods that is good for a woman’s hormones, inside and out.

Health & Nutrition

Cacao Butter health benefits includes providing nutrition to the body, preventing aging, treating stretch marks, supporting weight gain and a good source of vitamins and minerals. Other benefits includes balancing mood swings, good source of energy, supporting healthy hair and nails, treating sunburn, supporting dental health and treating scars and skin conditions.

Prevents Skin Dryness and Peeling

Cacao butter makes an excellent skin moisturizer, plus it does more than just hydrate the skin – it helps actually heal it from the inside out too. It’s a great source of natural antioxidants that are found in cocoa beans. Saturated fats are especially beneficial for healing dry, cracked skin because they’re easily absorbed and remain on the skin for hours.

Hair Care

Cacao butter can help to moisturize your hair, helping to improve its general appearance and strength. Cacao butter has also been linked to a lower incidence of dandruff and healthier hair follicle beds, thereby reducing hair loss and preventing the onset of male pattern baldness.

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