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Colloidal Silver 10% Off

Colloidal Silver Immune Support 240 ml

Colloidal Silver is a chemical-free natural antibiotic solution. It contains just pure distilled water and millions of pure silver ions. The ions carry a positive electrical charge and keep suspended in the water by endlessly repelling off each other.

Colloidal Silver has been used for over 100 years and has proved itself as one of nature’s best antimicrobial treatments. It was used by physicians in the early part of the 20th century to treat bacterial infections up until the debut of penicillin.

Silver ions are effective against bacteria (aerobic and anaerobic forms), fungus and viruses.  Yet silver is 100% non-toxic metal. It does not harm healthy cells and any unused silver is naturally flushed from the body through the urine within 3-5 days after consumption.


Colloidal Silver can be taken internally to help the immune system and also used topically for skin disorders, cuts, burns and infections.

Our colloidal silver is produced to a very high grade made with just 2 ingredients: laboratory grade distilled water and 99.99% pure fine silver – with nothing else added.

Recommended Usage:

Most commonly a teaspoon to tablespoon is consumed each day to kill pathogens in the blood and strengthen the immune system.

When dealing with acute sickness such as fever, flu, dengue fever or other such pathogen-based illness it is perfectly safe to increase the dosage up to 50ml every 3-4 hours until the sickness reduces.

It can also be sprayed directly on to damaged or infected skin, cuts, burns, eyes, ears, throat, vagina (for thrush/yeast infections) and in general an antiseptic spray.

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