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New Products February 2019

Tea Tree Toothpaste

Prevents cavities by raising the pH (alkalinity) of your saliva.

Helps fight plaque naturally.

Deep cleans teeth and gums without harsh abrasives

  • SLS Free (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate)
  • Gluten Free
  • Fluoride Free
  • Harsh Abrasives Free

Feel refreshed and clean throughout the day!

Paprika & Chilli Balsam

Enriched with Red Chili, Ginger, Nettle, Menthol and essential oils that stimulate blood circulation Dr. C. Tuna Paprika & Chili Balsam is especially designed for relaxing chronic rheumatic diseases.

Whether you have acute pain, muscle and joint pain or muscle cramps, this balsam can sooth and stimulate blood flow to release your discomfort.

Red Chili Extract -a skin conditioning agent- is effective to help restore the skin.

Ginger Extract can promote collagen production and improvement of the overall skin structure.

Nettle Extract helps soothe the skin.

Marigold Oil

Farmasi Calendula Oil 100%, moisturizes and repairs skin while soothes irritation and attrition.

Calendula Oil is more commonly referred to as Marigold, which has been used for centuries as a natural antioxidant and has the ability to clarify and stimulates the growth of new skin cells.

100% Pure Certified Calendula Oil from whole flowers of Calendula officinalis plants are derived with optimal extraction of Calendula’s bioactive compounds, the flowers are hand-harvested while in full bloom, and are carefully shade-dried to retain their full color & aroma.

The flowers are then thoroughly extracted and concentrated into cold-pressed.

This organic 100% pure calendula oil contains 26 Phytochemicals various nutrients that are beneficial to the skin.

A pure and natural skin oil that soothes sunburned skin, dry air exposure, cracked or itchy skin and helps tone the skin.

Calendula is known to aid in the reduction of scarring after wounds have been healed and after removal of stitches.

  •     Vegan, vegetarian
  •     Cruelty free
  •     Phthalate free
  •     Paraben free
  •     Preservative free
  •     Dye-free
  •     SLS, GMO-gluten-dairysoy-corn free.

Rolled Oats – Australia

  • Oats Are Incredibly Nutritious. … 
  • Whole Oats Are Rich in Antioxidants, Including Avenanthramides. … 
  • Oats Contain a Powerful Soluble Fiber Called Beta-Glucan. … 
  • They Can Lower Cholesterol Levels and Protect LDL Cholesterol From Damage. … 
  • Oats Can Improve Blood Sugar Control. … 
  • Oatmeal Is Very Filling and May Help You Lose Weight.

Sacha Inchi Oil Capsules

Sacha Inchi nut oil is derived from the seeds and flesh of the fruit Plukentia volubilis, or pracaxi. The tree is native to the area surrounding the Amazon River.

Sacha Inchi oil consists of Omega 3 (48%), Omega 6 (35%), Omega 9 (9%), proteins (33%) and antioxidants (50%). It is also abundant in iodine and vitamin A and E.

The production of Sacha Inchi oil is sustainable and economical. The plant fruits for up to 75 years, giving it a long production cycle. It is a year-round crop, and the costs of growing are low. The demand for Sacha Inchi also encourages the reforestation of the Amazon.

Perilla Oil Capsules

Perilla oil is one of the richest plant-based sources of Omega-3. Our oil is 100% cold-pressed virgin oil.
What are the benefits of  PERILLA OIL?

  • Plant-based omega-3
  • Up to 54% omega-3 content
  • Omega 6 & 9
  • No fishy smell
  • No cholesterol


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