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New Products November 2018

Organic Quinoa Spaghetti

Great alternative to wheat based spaghetti , very quick preparation & long shelf life

Almond Butter Crunchy

Eating almonds offers antioxidant action from Vitamin E and helps lower cholesterol. A small serving of almond butter contains a generous amount of magnesium–which boosts heart health by promoting the flow of blood, oxygen, and nutrients–and potassium, important for good blood pressure and heart health.

Honey Longan

Harvested by bees from the pollination of longan flowers, a well known longan fruit tree in the north of Thailand, this honey has golden brown color, with a fresh sweet scent of longan flavor, making it most unique and preferable among all honey in Thailand.

Buckwheat Penne Organic

Made from Organic Buckwheat Flour & water , cook in Hot water , 100% Gluten Free

Average nutritional values ​​per 100 g
Energy 1471 kJ / 352 kcal
Fat 2 g
of which saturated fatty acids 0.5 g
Carbohydrates 73.6 g
of which 0.4 grams of sugars
Fiber 3 g
Protein 8.4 g
Salt 0.05 g

Aloe Vera Gel + Himalayan Salt

Great for the skin with added Himalayan Pink salt for scrubs & exfoliation.

Dried Diced Fruit Mix

A great combination of fruits , perfect for healthy snack or energy boost

Organic Mulberry Tea

  • Highest quality, 100% Organic Mulberry Tea – no chemicals or pesticides
  • Delicious, with the delicate and refreshing taste of mulberry – caffeine free
  • Used in traditional Chinese medicine to help maintain a healthy body weight

Organic Krisp Me​

Jerusalem artichoke is moderately high in calories; provides about 73 calories per 100 g, roughly equivalent to that of potatoes.

The root has negligible amounts of fat and contains zero cholesterol. Nevertheless, its high-quality phytochemical profile comprises of dietary fiber (non-starch carbohydrates), and antioxidants, in addition to small proportions of minerals, and vitamins.

Honey Wildflower

Our wild flower honey is derived from a variety of wild flowers and plants, blooming in Thailand’s tropical rainforest. This golden honey provides mild flavor with pleasant aroma. Rich in vitamins and minerals, this honey is beneficial for people of all ages.


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