The Power of Ginger

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The Power of Ginger

Ginger is worthy of being classified as one of the most effective “superfoods”. There are many species and varieties of ginger and we focus on a rare ancient indigenous ginger found in the forests of Northern Thailand.

Side by side this variety is significantly smaller in size but incomparably stronger in fragrance and taste. The difference between this and the commercial ginger that has been bred for a higher yield (for higher profitability) is apparent. Lab analysis shows the superiority of our primitive local variety in detail. Our “Kin Kaeng” ginger grows in a forest that is organically certified by ACT as is the ginger. This is the variety the Northern Thai Hill Tribe people eat and sell in the small local farmers markets. The general and export market are supplied the commercial variety – still good, but just not the best.

Black ginger has been used as a vitalizing and stimulating herb for centuries. It displays adaptogenic activities and reduces triglycerides, preventing diabetes.

Black ginger is a popular ingredient in male sexual performance formulations due to significant levels of PDE5 inhibitors which increase blood-flow to the testis and stimulate dopaminergic function in the hypothalamus. Dopamine is an organic chemical that acts as a neurotransmitter and neuromodulator in the human brain. Among its activities, dopamine influences motivation, arousal and sexual gratification.

Additionally black ginger has been shown to increase sperm density. Its aphrodisiac activities include enhanced sexual desire, motivation and performance as well as supporting the structure and function of Sertoli cells.

In addition black ginger has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects due to the presence of strong antioxidants in the dark purple (almost black) flavonoid pigments that give black ginger its name.


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