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Weight Management 30 Sachets

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Excellent for Healthy Weight Management , Naturally Filling , Satisfies Hunger.

A convenient 30 Sachet product …. please click on the “downloads” below for a full brief on these quality products from Siam Super Herbs & a Free Adaptogen Booklet

One of the greatest health challenges today is obesity. Long term success depends on a holistic approach with diet, exercise, and meditation included in a holistic weight-management program.

There are various ways to manage your weight. Some of these are temporarily effective but dangerous at the same time.

THERMOGENIC WEIGHT LOSS: This refers to losing weight by increasing your rate of metabolism. You will burn more carbs, stored fats and you will lose weight. The danger lies in the fact that your body is not designed to maintain this superficially high metabolic rate without straining your kidneys, liver, and other vital organs.

DIURETIC WEIGHT LOSS: This refers to losing weight by losing water. This is effective as long as you are taking the diuretic product. Very quickly after going off the diet you will gain back the water weight that you lost. Water balance is part of your natural equilibrium and when we throw off our water content we are creating imbalance.

Many diets work by having you eat only one food group. This is in line with “conscious combining” of food and it works but only as long as you stay on a regime of conscious combining which is, in fact, a good way to eat.

NUTRITION: Satiation is a complex neurobiological phenomenon mediated by hormones and enzymatic reactions that send signals to the brain associated with the recognition of the feeling of fullness (satiety). In general, when your food provides adequate nutrition, receptors in the brain say “enough.” Your body is getting what it needs and this subconscious neurobiological realization signals you to stop eating.

SYNERGY: Sprouted black rice is a perfect functional food for a meal replacement blend. It is nutritionally well balanced. Moringa and Spirulina  are added to insure you are getting an adequate level of proper nutrition. Jiaogulan and Matcha Green Tea are included to increase the efficiency of your energy systems. This is a perfect example of the use of synergy to create a strong desired effect.

C3G: Black rice is one of natures’ most concentrated sources of C3G. This is a rare anthocyanin antioxidant that changes the gene expression of fat metabolism from storage to usage. You burn fat instead of storing it. It also helps convert fat to muscle to improve your fat/muscle ratio.

SATIATION: Black rice has a super-satiation effect. In the dark purple flavonoid pigments in the black rice kernel there are seven distinct species of anthocyanin’s most of which are localized.  Due to the localization patters these are not released and digested in the same place and at the same time in your digestive tract. The effect is felt over time, in a sense, “time released.”

HIGH FIBER FOR LOCATION SPECIFIC DELIVERY: Fiber-rich powder will carry the dietary ingredients into the lower intestine where they need to be to turn off fat storage and turn on fat usage. C3G is a protein-bound antioxidant that will digest before it reaches the lower intestine if it is not taken in whole food form.  It never arrives at the location where it needs to be to have the effect that it is supposed to have. This is called “location specific delivery” which is essential for the product to perform its intended function(s).

This product should allow you to skip a meal without feeling hungry or lacking energy.  This is the safe and painless way to manage your weight.

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