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Relax & Unwind 30 Sachets

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A convenient 30 Sachet product …. please Click on the “Attachment”Tab below the images for a full brief on these quality products from Siam Super Herbs & a Free Adaptogen Booklet.

We live in a world that is filled with stress and anxiety. As man’s technology and capacity to dominate nature has increased so have our levels of stress which can become overwhelming and result in anxiety, fear and depression.

The degree to which this has reached epidemic proportions is evidenced by the proliferation of psychotropic drugs which have become a major health issue in and of themselves. Many of these are antidepressants and they are being prescribed like candy. Many are highly addictive making the cycle of dependence and abuse even more difficult to interrupt.

There are natural ways to handle excess stress and anxiety, this product is one of them.

Contains …Organic Sprouted Black Rice, Jiaogulan, Spirulina, Stevia, Moringa & Green tea.

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