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Papaya Leaf Organic 60 Units

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Scientific name: Carica Papaya

Traditional. African, S.E. Asian and Australian Aboriginal herbal remedies included the use of payapa leaves. In the 1960’s and 1970’s a hot water extract of papaya leaves emerged as a popular cure for cancer in Australia supported by case studies and antidotal evidence. Due to lack of scientific validation, this died down.

Recent research such as the University of Florida studies in 2010, published in Journal of Ethnopharmacology (February 17, 2010 edition) documented that extract from freeze dried papaya leaves boosts production of Th1-type cytokines which are key signaling molecules that regulate the immune system. Additionally the reports recorded papaya’s direct antitumor effect on a broad range of lab-grown human tumors including cancers of the cervix, breast, liver, lung and pancreas.

Dr. Nam Dang, professor of medicine and medical director of the UF Shands Cancer Center Clinical Trials Office has stated that “Based on what I have seen and heard in a clinical setting, nobody who takes this (papaya leaf) extract experiences demonstrable toxicity. It seems like you could take it for a long time- as long as it is effective.” There is no indication of damage to normal cells, avoiding the common and devastating consequences of other therapy regimes.

Ten different types of common human cancer cell cultures exposed to papaya leaf extract showed slowing of the growth of tumors within twenty-four hours. The research team focused on a cell line for T lymphoma and results suggested that one of the mechanisms employed by the papaya leaves is inducing cell death.

The strong digestive enzymes found in papaya leaves may digest the protective fibrous protein coating that protects cancer cells from recognition and attack by the immune system.

Papaya contains acetogenins – active compounds that modulate the production of ATP in mitochondria of specific cells – which affects the viability of specific cells and their ability to read natural markers in these synthetic substances, identify them as foreign invaders and defend against them.

A recent clinical study with over 100 participants showed that the papaya extract, containing a mixture of acetogenins, supports the body’s normal cells during times of cellular stress.

Acetogenins found in pawpaw have been shown to have dramatic biological activity, being active against worms, some viruses, fungi, and many cancer cell lines. When compared with conventional chemotherapy agents, they have worked comparably in cell culture and animal studies, but at far lower concentrations and with almost no toxicity to host animals.

The idea that enzymes help, not only in digestion, but also can be therapeutic for a wide spectrum of health problems is not new, and modern medicine has proven in clinical studies that enzymes such as papain (abundant in papaya) taken orally are therapeutic.

Digestive System: Additional therapeutic effects of papaya leaves include relief of indigestion, acid reflux and heartburn by digesting potentially toxic waste, killing H. pylori bacteria that cause inflammation and indigestion, and break down protein of carbohydrates to sooth the GI tract and bowels.

Dengue Fever: Papaya leaves have gained popularity to fight colds, flues, and relieve the high fever and painful symptoms associated with dengue fever.

Anti-Aging: Papaya leaf contains over 50 amino acids such as (theronin, glutamate acid, glycine, leucine etc.) some of which are used in cosmetics for creating young, healthy skin and as anti –aging compounds.

Immune booster: Powerful antioxidants and tannins in addition to TH1 cytokines found in papaya leaf boost the immune system.

Nutrition: Nutrients such as B-Vitamins, Vitamin A and C and flavinoids (powerful antioxidants), calcium and Vitamin D (strong bones), Vitamin E (supports sexual and cardiovascular health) are all contained in Papaya leaves.

CELLULAR FRACTION-LINE TECHNOLOGY (CFL): Enzymes such as the strong digestive enzymes in papaya leaves are thermo–sensitive – easily denatured by exposure to heat. The absence of exposure to heat is a key to maintain the potency of papaya leaves. Preservation of the cellular and molecular structure achieved by CFL provides higher efficacy.

Cellular Fraction-Line activated Papaya Leaves comes in boxes of 60 capsules or bulk powder.

Capsules are blister-packed to prevent re-hydration and preserve their integrity. 

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