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Mangosteen Organic 60 Units

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This Mangosteen Powder has been Dynamically Freeze Dried from wild harvested fruit , it has not been subjected to any heat during the drying process or any means of mechanical grinding .The product carries a full Thai FDA approval and is produced here in Thailand to a very high Export standard . Premium product which research proves its Super Herb status .

Mangosteen Benefits

Mangosteen has been prized for centuries throughout S.E. Asia for its health benefits as well as its delicious fruit that has earned it the title of Thailand’s “Queen of Fruits.”

XANTHONES: The primary active components of the mangosteen fruit are called “xanthones.”  These are biologically active compounds that only rarely occur in nature.

ANTI INFLAMMATORY: Inflammation and the pain and discomfort that accompany it, can be a major concern. Xanthones in mangosteen have been shown to interrupt the chain of events that lead to inflammation.

If you are lacking energy, it gives you an energy boost, but if you are overactive it will calm you down.

ANTIOXIDANTS: The strongly astringent rind proves xanthones that are designed to protect the fruit and contain the highest concentration in nature of potent antioxidant compounds. The reduction of oxidative stress is associated with the control of many diseases including strokes and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT:  The lymphatic system is a major part of your immune system.  Mangosteen helps support the lymphatic system by its antioxidants as well as by helping in the elimination of cell wastes which can accumulate and weaken the immune system.  Blockage and toxins in the lymph system can become inflamed or swollen such as in tonsillitis.

FREEZE DRIED:  Mangosteen fruit is delicious, but the rind is astringent and bitter in taste.   The freeze dry process offers vastly superior preservation of the active constituents and is most close to its fresh counterpart.  The dried powder capsules provide a delivery system that does not expose you to the bitter taste.

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