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Jiaogulan Organic 60 Units

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The pristine hills of northern Thailand are the perfect environment for growing our organic Jiaogulan, without pesticide or chemical fertilisers.

Jiaogulan is known as the “herb of Immortality”, and is one of our adaptogenic super herbs. High in anti-oxidants and over 80 Saponins identified (assist with bodily systems and the regulation of)ie blood pressure, blood sugar levels, cholesterol, immune system and reproductive system, and our central nervous system.

Adaptogenic: Whatever needs attention in our body, Jiaogulan will work on. For instance if your blood pressure is too high, it will assist in lowering, if your blood pressure is too low, it will assist in getting it a higher. Whatever the individual body needs, Jiagulan can assist with bringing it more in balance.

Jiaogulan is well know for enhancing heart function, normalising the neuro/endocrine system, supporting the immune system, and balancing the central nervous system. This is truly a very effective adaptogenic super herb.

Jiaogulan is well known for boosting energy, for professional athletes, and seniors, to busy working people or those suffering from ill health. The benefit from regular Jiaogulan use is a steady high level of energy and greater stamina and endurance.

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