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Cordyceps 60 Units

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Known as the “King of Rejuvenation”

Cordyceps are pure, organically harvested, freeze dried medicinal mushrooms (fungus) used for an amazing range of health benefits and to combat serious illness. The Thai Freeze Dry process uses a highly superior solid-substrate method which takes 45 days. All the bio-active compounds are captured and preserved.

Well known for increasing cellular energy, great for endurance athletes and anyone needing to boost their energy and vitality levels naturally.   The powerful properties improve oxygen utilization and ATP production, crucial aspects for endurance athletes and a great benefit to those suffering ill health, or for those wanting the maximum benefits for their daily health.

Fabulous for energy management, Super Immune support, Anti-Viral effects, Kidney support, and also aids in the management of Diabetes and Cancer.

The anti cancer benefits are extensive and can best be explained by the following.  Cancer cells however have lost this DNA repair mechanism. If DNA errors could be corrected the cell would not have evolved into a cancer cell. So while cancer cells are replicating at a rate that far exceeds the surrounding healthy tissue, Cordyceptin will interfere with the replication of the cancer cells while they do not interfere with the replication of healthy cells.

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are known to damage the patient’s immune system and opportunistic infections during chemotherapy are known to take their toll. The hope is that the chemo will kill the tumor cells before killing the healthy cells. The immune system is left deficient. If we can, through the use of Cordyceps, strengthen the immune system then the dosage and frequency of chemotherapy can be increased. The effectiveness of the conventional treatment can be enhanced, the damage can be decreased and recovery can be accelerated.

Many bacteria and all viruses (HIV included) also lack this DNA repair mechanism referred to above and this may help to explain the anti-viral effects of Cordyceps.

Cordyceps are also known for their natural aphrodisiac enhancing qualities, for men and women.

There are many synthetic cordyceps on the market now, ours are naturally harvested, organic and freeze dried for maximum efficacy, ensuring pharmacologically active properties are protected.  

The freeze dried process make this supplement extremely potent, unique and so essential to good health and longevity.  This patented method of drying ensures the active compounds are protected, usable and easily digested.

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