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Cognitive Boost 60 Units

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Sharpen your mental acuity; enhance your memory, awareness, concentration, and focus. One of today’s fastest growing health concerns is loss of cognitive function. Accumulated prevention from daily use is the best plan – start now on a program that will help you in today’s competitive world and keep you on track.

Each of the Thai herbs in our Cognitive Function Blend are incredible by themselves and have delivered the results attributed to them consistently over centuries of traditional use. They have stood the test of time and each herb individually has been validated by modern science and has been approved by the Thai F.D.A. as a dietary supplement.

Together their effects are multiplied by the synergy between them, to improve your cognitive function would it not make sense to create real increases in your overall energy level and make more efficient use of your energy ,tune your energy systems at the same time? In our bodies, everything affects everything else, the overall benefits of being in balance are all pervasive – they affect your entire being.

There is a Northern Thai (Lanna) concept we refer to as the “Wisdom of Equilibrium” which lies at the epicenter of wellness and holistic health. A body in balance (homeostasis) displays remarkable self-healing capabilities, increases your vitality and promotes longevity.

“Homeostasis” is the natural tendency of the body to adjust in a manner that maintains a state of overall balance. In balance the body can perform with maximum efficiency and your entire system works in a natural state of harmony. Your ability to adapt to internal and external stress factors is at its optimum level. This ability to adapt is literally a defining condition of life. Nothing could be more central to our existence and the basic instinct for survival that exists in every living organism.

While allopathic medications may effectively command the body to do as we wish (many times with serious negative side effects) these super herbs respect and work with the body’s innate intelligence and natural balance with homeostatic efficiency. In a carefully considered combination, these herbs will begin to work on what’s given and different for each person to bring that person into balance and reduce the friction and stress we have created in our bodies and our world.

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