Chamomile Tea Powder 50 gram Powder

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Chamomile Tea Powder 50 gram Powder

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If you feel anxious, stressed or depressed one of the most traditional remedies tested by time over centuries and supported by scientific and clinical evidence has been chamomile. Its mild sedative effects are legendary. Insomnia often goes hand in hand with anxiety, melancholy and worry. In today’s stressful fast-paced world, many people turn to the relief provided by chamomile.

True to our nature, Siam Superherbs does something very special when you drink chamomile tea you get a mild infusion and then throw way the chamomile flower itself. Siam Superherbs deliver the entire flower, dynamically freeze dried to a fine powder. The medicinal effects of chamomile are in its essential oils and you will get all these as well as all its additional healthful compounds.

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