Blue Butterfly Organic Tea 50 Gram

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Blue Butterfly Organic Tea 50 Gram

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Healthy Convenience:

Our blue butterfly pea vine tea is unique. Normally, if you can find this tea at all, it will be in the form of dried tea leaves with flowers. You will brew the tea and then throw away the leaves and flowers, drinking only the mildly infused water.

You’ve just kept the bath water and thrown away the baby! In this case you do not need to brew tea. This makes the product more convenient, more dramatic (you can mix it at the table and watch the water turn blue), and avoids the heat of brewing the tea which will decrease the quality of the ingredients.

You can add just a pinch of our Cellular Fraction-Line activated powder to either hot or cold water (even ice water) and the fine powder with porous particle structure will dissolve in the water with mild stirring to produce a beautiful bright blue tea.

Keep in mind that in this case you are not throwing out the leaves and flowers, you are ingesting them. Thai Freeze Dry’s blue butterfly pea vine tea is similar to matcha tea in the sense that you are eating the leaves (and flowers). This provides a concentrated dose requiring only a very small quantity of powder and provides the benefits of this amazing plant in concentrated form. In this concentration the cost per serving is very reasonable.

In this stable dry powder with shelf life of two years, you have availability of the highest quality all year round regardless of the growing season. You can watch the water turning a bright blue in front of your eyes. If you add a touch of lemon or lime juice the color turns from bright blue to deep purple. This is even more fun as the tea changes color before your eyes.

Keep in mind the scientific name due to the uncanny resemblance of the blue butterfly pea vine flowers to the female genitalia and you have a wealth of material for the marketing gurus to exploit. Not only is the blue butterfly great on its own, but it also can act as a great base for mixed drinks.

Health Benefits:

  • Nootropic – enhances cognitive functions including heightening intelligence and enhancing memory    via acetylcholine localized to the hippocampus
  • Anxiolyhic – reduces stress and anxiety – calming effect
  • Relaxes smooth vascular muscle aiding blood flow
  • Analgesic – helps to relieve pain to the extent it is used as a local anesthetic
  • Diuretic – promotes excretion of water (urination) which decreases blood volume thereby lowering high blood pressure, also used for fast but typically temporary weight loss
  • Anti-inflammatory – the deep blue flowers contain flavonoid pigments similar to blue ber- ries, acai berry, mangosteen rind etc. that protect the plant. When you inject the flower the effect is remarkably similar to the anti-inflammatory effect of the plant in nature.
  • Anti-Asthmatic: assessed by passive cutaneous anaphylaxis
  • Anti-microbial
  • Anti-anxiety and depression with indication that high doses may be adaptogenic
  • Anti-convulsion
  • Anti-diabetic activity by inhibiting glucose intake from the diet
  • Anti-cancer and anti-tumor abilities resulting from cyclotides that cause cell death by dis- rupting cell membrane integrity
  • Anti-pyretic –reduces fever by dilating the blood vessels just beneath the skin which in- creases blood flow near the surface of the skin where it can be more easily cooled by the air.

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