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Anti Inflammation 30 Sachets

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A 100% Plant based Anti-Inflammation supplement.

A convenient 30 Sachet product… please Click on the “downloads” below for a full brief on these quality products from Siam Super Herbs & a Free Adaptogen Booklet.

Inflammation is part of our natural defense and healing system. It occurs when our body attempts to isolate damage or infection. It helps us to heal our wounds. However when the inflammation becomes chronic then it becomes part of the problem rather than part of the solution. When the body overreacts to injuries with excessive pain and inflammation, then a dampening of the inflammatory process becomes a desirable therapeutic intervention.

Arthritis and other chronic inflammatory diseases attack muscles, joints, and connective tissue. Pain and swelling occur when the body knows it has been injured. The cell’s membrane cries out chemically to let the body know it has been hurt. The cell’s “cry” is a molecule called arachidonic acid (AA). The AA triggers a chain of events to rescue the cell.

First an enzyme (cyclooxygenase) converts the AA into prostaglandins which cause blood vessels to release fluids (swelling) to wall off the area of damage and stimulate the nerve endings to produce pain. This identifies the location of the damage and the brain sends immune cells to the rescue the damaged cells.

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