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Amalaki Powder 60 Units

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Amalaki is known as “THE GREAT REJUVINATOR” .

Amalaki is an amazing Adaptogenic, loaded with precious gems of botanical healing and health. Ancient ayurvdic and other medicial history is filled with well founded claims of its healing abilities. There is now an abundance of scientific research and clinical studies taking place around the word that is verifying their extraordinary results.

ANTI AGING: In Ayurveda, Amalaki is known as “The Great Rejuvenator” and in Sanskrit the name of amalaki means “the nurse.” It helps to regenerate new blood cells , speed the healing process, and is known for its anti-aging abilities.

CONGITIVE FUNCTION: Maintaining a healthy mental capacity/function is a great concern in our stressful world. The brain is a biochemical organ and a reduced level of adaptive energy, imbalance, poor diet, free radical damage, and other stressors affect the brain as much as they affect other organs of the body. Ancient cultures identified amalaki as an herb that clearly created rejuvenating and rebalancing effects.

DETOX: Ayurveda describes the colon as the “mother of all disease.” Amalaki helps to cleanse the colon and this elimination of toxins is greatly important to our overall health and well being. It provides strong and effective detoxification of our entire system.

VITAMIN C: Amalaki is nature’s strongest source of vitamin C . Amalaki juice has 20X more vitamin C than orange juice. This natural vitamin C is protected by “tannins” from oxidation and is very bio-available (easily absorbed and used). The benefits of vitamin C in supporting the immune system and overall health are well known.

BALANCE: Amalaki is in the class of herbs known as “adaptogens” which help to balance the body and in creating balance they promote natural self-healing, overall health, vitality and long life.

THE FREEZE DRY PROCESS used, captures and preserves the wide range of benefits of amalaki more effectively than any other method of preservation known to mankind.  

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  1. Jennifer Gampell says:

    I can’t see anywhere the recommended dosage of amalaki capsules. How long do these 60 capsules last?

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