The Best Part of Waking Up Is – Maca in Your Cup?

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The Best Part of Waking Up Is – Maca in Your Cup?

MACA COFFEE is a caffeine-free, energy boosting, antioxidant-rich beverage with a nutty earthy taste similar to that of coffee. It has been quiet in the great Coffee vs Tea debate for too long. So open your mouths and your nostrils and let’s give it a chance to prove to you it could just be your favorite part of waking up.


1. Caffeine-Free Energy

It’s Monday morning, you’re alarm just went off, and you feel like Jim Carey in Bruce Almighty. You have a long week ahead of you, obstacles to tackle, but the thought of it all becomes a lot more bearable after you sip on a cup of freshly brewed joe. But then, when 11am comes around, the coffee has worn off, and you’re already thinking about your next cup. We’ve all been there. Oh the wonders of our beloved domesticated drug, caffeine.

While fine in moderation, too much caffeine can raise blood pressure, cause anxiety, digestive issues, insomnia, and fatigue. In fact, for people dealing with chronic fatigue, coffee and other caffeinated beverages are a big NO as they tend to worsen symptoms.

Maca coffee is a great way to give you the energy boost you need without the side effects of too much caffeine. It also gives those with chronic fatigue the chance to enjoy the comfort of a hot beverage that has a earthy and nutty taste similar to that of coffee.

While scientists remain uncertain exactly how maca provides such an energy boost, clinical trials have showed a significant increase in energy, stamina, and physical performance when taking maca regularly.

Another simple but effective way to boost energy in the morning without caffeine is to do a quick five-minute morning stretch routineThis routine is a good example. You’ll be amazed at how much more awake you feel after just five minutes of light exercise.

Couple that with a freshly brewed cup of hot maca coffee and you’ll make a lightning-fast transformation from waking up like Jim Carey to walking out the door like John Travolta.

2. Rich Antioxidant Support

There’s a never-ending debate on whether or not coffee is actually good for you. One clear piece of evidence touted by coffee-lovers the world over is the rich antioxidants that coffee contains – neutralizing harmful free radicals and fighting and preventing chronic disease. Well, coffee lovers would be happy to know maca coffee boasts these same benefits with its rich antioxidant supply.

One study published by Plant Foods Hum Nutrition in 2007 showed that the antioxidants in Maca also significantly boosted glutathione levels in the liver. Glutathione is known as the master antioxidant and is vital to the management of all other antioxidants in the body.

In addition, a study performed on rats from Czech Republic showed maca’s potential to lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels in the liver.

3. Natural Hormone Balancing

Maca is a known adaptogenic vegetable. Adaptogenic plants and herbs are amazing at balancing levels of cortisol, testosterone, and estrogen levels in the body, helping you cope with stress in your life. What’s particularly noteworthy is unlike drugs which are made to specifically raise or lower your hormone levels, adaptogens like maca can raise your hormone levels if they’re too low, or lower them if they’re too high.

In both men and woman, studies have shown how maca can improve libido and reproductive health. For women, maca can also help lessen symptoms of menopause, like night sweats and hot flashes, as well as symptoms of PCOS like weight gain and acne.

4. A Better Brain

Maca is popular among athletes for improving performance at the gym, but studies also show maca can improve memory and focus. In fact, maca has been traditionally given to children in Peru to increase performance in school.

Additionally, unlike caffeinated beverages which can cause or worsen anxiety, maca has been shown to reduce anxiety and symptoms of depression.

Can your cup o’ joe do all that?

5. Improved Adrenal and Thyroid Function

Chronic fatigue brought on by weak adrenal glands and hypothyroidism is becoming a common theme in the health world today. Even for people who haven’t been specifically diagnosed with these conditions, many people often show low or high blood levels of hormones produced by the thyroid adrenals – resulting in fatigue and other symptoms.

Adaptogens like maca taken concurrently with a stress-reducing lifestyle can have a tremendous effect on adrenal and thyroid function, alleviating fatigueand other common symptoms of hypothyroidism like hair loss and weight gain.

Unfortunately raw maca isn’t an option for hypothyroiders because raw maca contains goitrogens which can impair thyroid function. Roasted maca coffee, however, is a whole other story. A steamy, hot, heart-warming story.

A delicious maca latte made by adding coconut, almond, or your favorite milk. Give it a shot! (But not like, a shot of espresso. That would obviously be pretty counterproductive, man.)


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